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Saturday Soccer Rules

Fayette County Youth Soccer Club
In House Playing Rules
Revised 7/2019 l

Facility Policies

Rule Number

Rules – Revised 2019


NO PETS PERMITTED AT ANY TIME! (game day, practices, at any point during the week)!!!


Smoking is not permitted by anyone near field of play. (Designated smoking area, is in parking lot, nearest railroad track)




COACHES, PLAYERS, OR PARENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO DISCUSS GAME WITH REFEREES AFTER GAME. Any referee related issues should be sent to [email protected] for review. The F.C.Y.S.C. Board will handle all conflicts or disputes. On all referee judgment calls their decision is final.



Coach Expectations

Rule Number

Proposed Rules – Revised 2017


Coaches are responsible for the conduct of players and spectators. A player may be sent off the playing field for conduct unbecoming of a parent at the discretion of the referee. This could result in a suspension. Coaches are responsible for their own behavior. There is no swearing in hearing distance of any child. This will result in you being pulled out of any remaining games for the day, with possible further suspension. F.C.Y.S.C. recommends establishing the expected parent behavior at a parent meeting before/after the first practice of the season.


All Head coaches and assistant coaches must be on the same side of the field and only are permitted to mid-field sideline. The head coach and Asst. will only be permitted on the sideline during the game. U6 coaches - one coach only permitted on field with players during game. ALL parents and spectators must be on the opposite side of the field from players and coaches during game time. No spectators are allowed behind the goal line.


At the end of all scheduled games, the coaches and assigned referee will sign referee card this will be used to track referee’s games and scores during the tournament the last week. Coaches name, team color, age group and score must be written on provided cards.


ALL PLAYERS MUST PLAY HALF A GAME TIME ALLOWED. Players in U-6 and U-8 should experience all positions; players in other age groups should experience as many positions as possible.






Game Specifications

Rule Number

Proposed Rules – Revised 2017


FIELD SIZE: Rectangular shape approx. (35 - 40 Yds. wide; 45 to 50 Yds. long) U6 & U8 Development 25 – 30 yds wide; 45 to 50 yds. long)


BALL SIZE: #3 U6, #4 U8 to U12, #5 U-14 & older


Teams MUST change sides between halves (U6 after second quarter)


All games will be refereed by a currently licensed U.S. Soccer Federation Referee. All rules based on F.I.F.A. laws of game, using yellow/red card system.


All games will be played with running clock, stopped only at the discretion of the referee for injury treatment.

· U6 – Four 6 minute Quarters

· U8 – Two 12 minute Halves

· U10/12/14 – Two 15 minute Halves


The last week of the season for ages U8 - U12 will be the Fayette County World Cup Round Robin and Single Elimination tournament, only this week will referees keep an official score.


Player Requirements

Rule Number

Proposed Rules – Revised 2017


PLAYER EQUIPMENT: SHIN GUARDS ARE MANDATORY IN ALL AGE GROUPS AND MUST BE COVERED BY SOCKS! No jewelry of any kind, including earrings, or metal hair clips will be permitted. Medical I.D. tags are permitted but must be taped down. Shoes must be rubber cleated soccer shoe or tennis shoe type (NO BASEBALL SPIKES).


Improper equipment shall not be worn by any player. This applies to any equipment which in the opinion of the referee is dangerous or confusing.


SHIRTS: Players must wear current season T-shirt as the outermost garment, unless a recent addition to team or if shirts are still on order. Exceptions to this rule are at the discretion of the referee before the start of game. Referee will consult with the In-House Commissioner. Goalies must wear a shirt different from both teams playing.


The number of field players shall be,

U6 4 field players **Temporary change for Fall 2021 to 5 players**
U8 4 field players + 1 goalie
U10-U14 5 field players + 1 goalie
**Temporary change for Fall 2021 U14 will be 6 players+ goalie

If the following occurs, one team is short players, BOTH TEAMS WILL PLAY DOWN 1 PLAYER. If a team cannot field enough players, (playing down 2 players), the game is a FORFEIT, a practice game will be held if possible. If a guest player is on a team, that team will not play. If a player is injured in the middle of a game, forcing their team to play down a player, the other team must also play down one player.


In all age groups, the goalie can play that position for HALF of the total game time.


SUBSTITUTIONS: All players, including the Goalie may be substituted at a stoppage of play (Your Throw In/Corner Kick or any Goal Kick) and with referees permission. Substitutes should be at midfield to be granted permission to sub. and a coach can ask the referee by saying “CAN I GET A SUB.”


Slide tackling is NOT permitted, a player will be YELLOW carded and opposing team will have a direct kick.


All players ejection's (RED CARDS) will result in a suspension from the current game and the next scheduled game, and will be submitted to the F.C.Y.S.C. board for review.


On all stoppages of play (Free kicks, etc.) defending players must be 10 feet or more from the ball.


INDIRECT KICKS: Ball must be touched by another player before a goal is scored. DIRECT KICK: goal may be scored directly from kick.


The same player may not play the ball twice in succession from a place kick.


All age groups must kick the ball such that it travels the distance of its own circumference to begin/restart play at any free kick.


Ball may NOT be thrown over the half field line on a fly by the goalie or on a goal kick. Result being an indirect kick at the half line for the opposing team. 
** Punting is no longer allowed, goalies should throw or bowl the ball after gaining possession with their hands **


A player can NOT pass the ball back to their own goalie to allow the goalie to gain possession with their hands. The goalie can only use their feet on a ball passed back from teammate within the goal area.


The goalie has a 10 second time limit to distribute the ball after gaining possession.


The goalie cannot handle the ball with their hands while out of the goal box area at anytime during the game.


A modified form of the Offside rule will be used during In-house games.

A player stationed in the opposing teams side of the field while play is at the other end of the field will be considered in an offside position. Any player staying in the opposing teams side with BOTH of the following conditions

1. without a reasonable attempt to return to mid-field(at referees discretion)

2. without a non-goalie defensive player between them and the goal line

will result in an In-direct kick for the opposing team, from the location of the player in the offside position at the time he/she becomes involved in the resulting attacking play. Coaches are NOT permitted to assign players whose purpose is to stay in front of goal on offense or defense whenever the rest of team is on opposite side of field.


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